Event Göteborg

Psychotic Youth & City Saints

konsert Göteborg


May 13, 2022


Top Floor


8 pm

Age limit

  18 years

Psychotic Youth & City Saints celebrate their release of a split EP!

A cruel night in the spirit of punk, more info soon!

PSYCHOTIC YOUTH has ravaged international stages for 36 years with its power pop-surf-punk garage - but always with its heart in Gothenburg. Over the years, they have released a double-digit number of albums and now a split EP. Singer Jörgen's own words about the album: "- The year was 1982 and the radio program Ny Våg, when I first heard Dr. Zeke's I will never die". It burned into my brain! ". The same thing happened with Lädernunnan's "No rule" which the band developed into close madness in the spirit of Stoge. These and a bunch of noisy compositions promise the band on Sticky's stage.

CITY SAINTS formed a damp basement in the summer of 2012 in Gothenburg. They found their style by mixing 50's rock'n'roll with punk. While they were working on a double LP with new songs for their tenth anniversary, the quartet decided to have fun with a couple of covers in the studio. It resulted in this colorful split EP. First out is a cover of the party song "I'd Rather Drink Than Talk", which was originally recorded by Sator. To spice it up further, Sator members Chips Kiesbye and Kent Norberg are participating in the recording. Chips plays solo guitar and sings duet. Kent adds choral singing. "Du e´ Plast" is City Saint's interpretation of the legendary Perverts song. Original singer Christer "Blomman" Blomgren (Troublemakers) spreads star shine and turns this muscular version into a duet that will go down in history. These and more PUNK are promised!


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