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Event Göteborg

Rotten Mind | Bongo Riot Gula Gången 

konsert Göteborg


May 1, 2022


Top Floor


7 pm

On stage

8 pm

Age limit

  18 years

This year's fattest indie night at Sticky Fingers! ! !

Rotten Mind The acclaimed, 77-punk-energetic Rotten Mind has toured in Europe, England, Australia and the USA. Now Rotten Mind is up to date with the new album "Unflavored" which has been praised in the press. The European tour ends on March 25, ending at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. Gaffa writes - "Rotten Mind is the type of eclectic punk band Sweden needs when Hurula and Dennis Lyxzén prefer do P3-pop "

Bongo Riot After 18 years as a rhythmic engine in Håkan Hellström's band, Labbe Grimelund and Finn Björnulfson have taken a step away from Ullevi. Stepped down at the club and formed Bongo Riot GBG. An unholy alliance of drums, percussion and electronic rhythms. An obvious duo that has blurred the boundaries - Manchester, Rio or Gårda have never been so close to each other.

Gula Gången Gula Gången's music captures the feeling of that summer evening where you bathe at night and drink lukewarm folk beer bought at the press office. Those moments of total freedom that one desires could last forever.


324 kr

incl. service fee


295 kr

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